Come, celebrate Rev. Tommy Reynold's 65 years of faithful service on Sunday, April 21 here at Benn's UMC. 
 As part of our anniversary celebrations, we will honor Rev. Reynolds who has served as Interim Pastor of this church with a reception after the 11:00 am worship service.
 Rev. Reynolds is known for his willingness to serve wherever needed. Even after officially retiring, he accepted to take on leading worship services and preaching in many churches in this area.
 He is well remembered for his time as Chaplain at Obici Hospital where he ministered to many families in difficult times. He continues to serve through Little Funeral Home comforting many as they grieve their loved ones.
 For his loving attitude and willingness to bring joy and consolation to all people wherever he goes, we will celebrate his faithfulness with joy!
This year, Benn’s UMC is celebrating the centennial of our Sanctuary cornerstone, July 4th of 1924.
Music is and always will be a beautiful part of our worship service. Today we honored, Hunter Jones, our organist, for her many years of service and dedication to Benn’s. Her talent and spirit are loved by each of us! Thank you Hunter, we love you! More photos below!