Benn's has a well-equipped crib room Rm #102 downstairs with a paid attendant for infant through one year of age. Toddlers through kindergarten meet together and can be divided as necessary for age appropriate activities. The children are taught Christian values such as sharing, showing love to one another, resolving differences, celebrating and accepting differences in people, and learning to know Jesus. This is accomplished through Bible based storytelling, role playing, puppet shows, games, crafts, and song. The curriculum is the Deep Blue series. The goal is for the children to learn that God knows each one of them and loves them unconditionally. The class meets at 10am, but is also held during the 9am service for those who are unable to attend later. Special needs children are welcome. Leaders: Carly Saunders, Susan Saunders, Judy Gardner, and Terri Ware.

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