Benn’s UMC believes in the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ His son, and the Holy Spirit which dwells in us. We believe that God created us to be in fellowship with Him. Unfortunately our sins separate us from the love of God, for He is perfectly righteous and cannot look upon sin in any form. But His love for us is so great that He sent His one and only son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for our sins so that we can once again be in fellowship with Him. In us, He breathed the Holy Spirit and through that spirit He leads us and helps us to understand His will for our lives. God's love is ever present but the gift of eternal life and a life abundant during our time on Earth is only obtainable through belief in Jesus Christ as the son of God and personal savior. We strive to be a reflection of God's love so that through us, others would come to know the saving love of the one true God through His son Jesus Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.